Our client was found not guilty of murder, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and criminal damage following a 6-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Following a drive-by shooting in Doncaster in January 2021, a police investigation named Operation Sweep Mike commenced. This was a complex investigation involving CCTV, call data, and cell site evidence, resulting in the arrest of our client.

It was established that our client was travelling in the car with the shooter. However, he denied participation in the crime or intention to participate in the crime. In support of our client’s case, we instructed a telecommunications expert to examine the telephone evidence served upon us. This was helpful in proving his innocence.

Our client was the only defendant to be found not guilty of all charges by the jury. Four others were found guilty of either murder or manslaughter.

Legal 500 Sasha Sidhu LEADING INDIVIDUAL

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Mr Sasha Sidhu has once again retained his status as a Leading Individual within the latest edition of the prestigious Legal 500.

He has achieved this feat for a number of years consecutively which is indicative of his high standing in the Criminal Law profession.

This standing has been retained as a result of the fantastic results he has overseen throughout the years. There is a snapshot of this within our notable cases section.

Mr Sidhu has no intention of resting on his laurels and is intent upon continuing to achieve excellent results as the firm’s exceptional reputation continues to grow.


Our client was charged with Murder, Conspiracy to Rob and Conspiracy to Kidnap. This relates to an incident whereby it was alleged that 4 males armed with a knife attended the Victim’s home address with a settled intention to rob him.

It is the Crown’s case that the defendants had forced their way into the Victim’s flat and took him out onto the street across the road and when he resisted, he was stabbed in the heart. Our client was placed at the scene by CCTV and cell-site analysis. Furthermore, our client’s vehicle was alleged to have been used during the course of the commission of the offence. Following a lengthy 6-week trial at Croydon Crown Court, our client was acquitted of all charges.


Our client was charged with attempted GBH, Section 18 on a police officer, aggravated vehicle taking and possession of an offensive weapon. Our client is alleged to have driven at an officer in a stolen Mercedes and then rammed into a police van. He was also charged in relation to a separate matter of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. This incident involved our client being pursued by an officer on foot and eventually cornered. The officer alleged that the client produced a firearm which was also caught on body worn footage. The client then allegedly made off from the officer.

Our client had a two week trial at Wood Green Crown Court where at half time he was found not guilty of possession with a firearm with intent, followed by not guilty verdicts on the attempted GBH Section 18, aggravated vehicle taking and possession of an offensive weapon.


Our client was charged with Murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, in connection with an incident which took place on the 26th August 2020. Around 1230 hours in broad daylight and in a public location, two groups of individuals, each group armed with a firearm, opened fire on each other. 10 shots were fired, two of which struck the victim from point-blank range whilst he was seated in the driver seat of his car.
The victim died from his injuries. Whilst CCTV showed our client was not the shooter, it showed our client run alongside the driver’s door of the vehicle to the front, before looking in the windscreen, pointing, and running back to the driver’s door where the victim was, whilst his co-defendant followed behind with the gun in his outstretched right arm. Our client was seen opening the driver’s door and leaning into the car on at least 3 occasions, punching the victim numerous times, then stepping back as the co-defendant fired inside the car. It was the Crown’s case that our client engaged in a joint enterprise by way of aiding, abetting and supplying the firearm to his younger associate.

On the 22nd June 2021, our client was convicted of a lesser offence and acquitted of Murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.


Our client was charged with Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Endanger Life, Possession of Ammunition with Intent to Endanger Life, Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

Our client was charged after it was alleged that he was in possession of a Nike bag which contained a loaded firearm. His DNA was also found on a separate firearm almost a year later.

Following a 9-day trial at Harrow Crown Court, he was found Not Guilty on all counts.