Nationality Requirement

Defendant’s required to disclose nationality

Changes to the newly introduced Policing and Crime Act 2017, following the Criminal Procedure (Amendment no. 4) Rules 2017, came in to effect on 13th November 2017. According to section 162 of the act, all defendants must reveal their name, date of birth and nationality at their first hearing at the magistrates’ court.

Regina –v– Dinu

Litigator’s Graduated Fees: Pages of Prosecution Evidence – Successful Appeal

SVS Solicitors successfully appealed against the Legal Aid Agency regarding whether or not material served without a Notice of Additional Evidence, would be part of the ‘Pages of Prosecution Evidence’ (PPE) count.

The appeal was successful. It was ruled that provided the disclosure is central, and not peripheral to the case, the documents could count towards the PPE and the Judge stated that in this circumstance, there is no requirement for formal notice of additional evidence.