Talisha Mathurin– Legal Consultant


Talisha has been a valuable member of SVS since 2013. She has extensive experience in working on the more serious Crown Court cases and has proven to be successful with her determined and solid approach. Talisha also works on Magistrates Court Cases and has substantial experience on appeals. Her work ethic, along with the exceptional level of client care she offers remains the same whether she is working on a High-Profile Murder case listed at the Central Criminal Court or a low-level Magistrates Case. Talisha’s most recognised strengths are in bail applications and building the client’s defence. She will instruct experts and do what it takes to prove a client’s innocence. Not only is she able to scrutinise the Crowns case but she is able to pick out the salient points in the most complex of cases, giving the defence team a strong advantage. Talisha’s expertise are on cases surrounding gang rivalry including murder, firearms, drug offences, money laundering and conspiracies. Talisha is currently undertaking the Police Station accreditation course to enable her to represent clients and offer her services on behalf of the firm from the very outset of the case.

Email Talisha at talisha@svssolicitors.com