Helen Ahmet

Helen Ahmet – Consultant Solicitor Advocate

A solicitor for over 25 years and a former partner in a well-regarded firm.  Helen was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in July 1995 and was awarded her Higher Rights In Criminal Advocacy in 2006. She regularly appears as an advocate and litigator in the Old Bailey. Throughout her career, Helen has specialised in defending serious criminal allegations, particularly for murder, drugs supply and fraud.

Working as a Consultant allows her the freedom and time to concentrate solely on her own clients . Your case is important to her. She will take every point , dismissal through to appeal, to secure the result required.

Helen has defended in high profile cases brought against her clients by the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, Trading Standards, Royal Mail and various branches of the CPS, such as the Homicide team.

She will defend your liberty and reputation with exceptional care, strategy and skill. Call Helen to receive advice and discuss representation on 07775 608577.

Email Helen at helen@svssolicitors.com


Recent cases

R v M (2021)- secures a dismissal of a murder charge for a client described as the “lynchpin” of an Organised Crime Group.

R v S (2021)-successful CCRC referral to Court of Appeal for a youth wrongly convicted of murder

R v B (2020)-conspiracy to supply 280 kilos cocaine, encro case

R v I (2019) -acquittal in a “religious” manslaughter trial

R v G (2019)-acquittal following a lengthy armed robbery conspiracy trial

R v I (2019)- acquittal for client following a knife murder in a multi handed trial

R v A (2018) -acquittal for pilot accused of importing over £1 million of class A

R v M (2017)-acquittal of murder for a youth following a multi handed gang murder