Criminal Defence

If you are suspected of or charged with a criminal offence ranging from the most minor to the most serious, we can help you at SVS Solicitors in Gerrards Cross. You are entitled to free and independent legal advice if you are arrested and detained at a police station.

A call to our 24 hour emergency number will get you through to one of our criminal defence solicitors who can provide you with initial advice on the telephone. If the case progresses to an interview we will be able to attend with you under the non-means tested legal advice scheme.

If you are charged with an offence and have to attend a magistrates court, we can advise you on your eligibility for legal aid for representation which is subject to both a means and a merits test.

If you are successful in an application for legal aid we can represent you at court and advise you on the case as it progresses. If legal aid is not granted you can still obtain advice from the firm by paying for that advice.

If your case goes to the Crown Court we will be able to represent you free of charge subject to a grant of legal aid. You may however be required to pay a contribution towards your costs by the Legal Aid Agency depending upon your financial means.

If you have been convicted and are seeking advice on appeal, we may be able to help you depending on the capacity for taking on new legally aided work in our appeals department and your eligibility for legal advice and assistance at that stage. This includes applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.


We have our own in-house advocacy team that have substantial experience in defending the rights of our clients. We always give our clients the choice of being represented by the in-house advocacy team or instructing an independent barrister.

Our in-house solicitors are experienced in all matters to do with criminal defence and the barristers we instruct have been carefully screened by us. Our experienced lawyers appear daily at Police stations, Magistrates courts, Crown Courts, and Youth Courts.

Serious Crimes

If you’ve had a chance to look at our notable cases, you’ll have gathered that we know a thing or two about serious crime.

Our experienced lawyers are at hand 24/7 and are immediately deployed should the need arise. We are always at hand to protect your liberty.

Private Criminal Defence

If you are a high net worth individual or company and not entitled to Legal Aid, we can assist you on all matters on a privately funded basis.