Trishna Kerai – Trainee Legal Executive Consultant

Trishna is working towards qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer. Trishna works in the Crown Court department. She has experience of working in fast paced London criminal defence firms. Trishna has experience of working on a combination of criminal cases, including murder, drugs, sexual offences, firearms, and other violent crimes.

Coming from Brent herself, she has seen the effects of criminal injustice, which encouraged her to join criminal defence. With her understanding and motivation to help the community, Trishna has developed a loyal client base by going above and beyond to ensure every individual receives dedicated and professional service, whether legally aided or privately funded.

She is careful and sensitive in her work and able to quicky ascertain whether a client’s case will benefit from an expert assistance, whether that will be a psychiatric assessment, a cell site analyst, injury expert, or any other type of specialism.

Trishna is also working towards qualifying as a Police Station Representative to represent clients at the police station.

Outside of work, Trishna is an Ambassador for Smile Train UK, a charity that raises money to treat babies worldwide born with a cleft lip.

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