R v J and others. Encro matter.

At Oxford Crown Court we represented a client in relation to an allegation of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs (10 KG of Cocaine). This case was investigated by the National Crime Agency. It was alleged that the Defendant had conspired with others to supply 10 Kilos of cocaine from London to Oxford.

This case was part of the first wave of prosecutions in UK involving Encrochat evidence after police forces across Europe had been able to infiltrate the Encrochat phone network which was known to be used by criminal gangs.

The crown heavily relied on cell site, ANPR and Encrochat Evidence to imply that the defendant was part of an organised crime group.

The Defendant maintained his innocence throughout and was the only defendant to be acquitted after trial.


Another fantastic result for SVS Solicitors in yet another high profile case.

This matter related to the murder of an 18 year old in Newham, London, who died of multiple stab wounds on 26th August 2019.

A 16 and 14 year old were identified for the physical act of committing the murder.

Our client was subsequently identified by police as an additional primary party who encouraged and assisted the commission of the murder. In this case, it was suggested that our client instructed the two principals to commit the offence as retribution for a serious stabbing incident he was the victim of six days earlier. The crown alleged that he facilitated the murder by providing the pair with a stolen car used to drive to/from the attack site, paying for their taxi journey to collect the car and then subsequently sheltering one of the principals in the days after the crime. Extensive phone evidence was served detailing the calls, messages and movements of the defendants, which the crown used to support their case. After a lengthy two month trial, our client was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter.  

Our client  was only defendant that was charged with murder to be acquitted.