Criminal Defence

If you are suspected of or charged with a criminal offence  – we can help…

Road Traffic Offences

You’re livelihood or even you’re liberty may be at stake if charged with a RTA offence. Please call our experienced RTA solicitors for a confidential chat.

Does a disqualification mean a loss of job? Please call our experienced RTA Solicitors for a free confidential chat.

White Collar

Our experience with high net individuals accused of white collar crime means that we value your privacy and family life. Please call our experienced white collar team for a free no obligation chat.


SVS Solicitors

Leave it to us, you’re in safe hands

Our criminal defence  solicitors hold an unrivalled reputation for offering honest, caring and reliable advice combined with excellent results. We take your problem and make it our own and pride ourselves in our procedures which ensure that every client is kept fully informed every step of the way.

Innocent until proven guilty

SVS Solicitors is recognised as a leading criminal law firm and is often the default choice for people arrested for serious crime.

Our lawyers have a reputation for defending vigorously the rights of our clients whether this is in Police custody, Magistrates Court, Youth Court or the Crown Court and we strongly believe that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

We don’t place barriers in contacting our most senior solicitors, it just takes one phone call to the Managing Director, Mr Sasha Sidhu or the Head of Practice Management, Mr Rob Johnson and your needs will be taken care of swiftly and professionally.

We are a member of The Legal 500 and Mr Sasha Sidhu is recognised by The Legal 500 as a Leading Individual.

Our Criminal Defence services are for if you are suspected of or charged with a criminal offence ranging from the most minor to the most serious.

A call to our 24 hour emergency number will get you through to one of our solicitors who can provide you with initial advice on the telephone.

We have extensive experience in this area ensuring that our clients’ receive proper advice in all driving offences.

We cover the full spectrum of offences like careless driving, dangerous driving, causing death by dangerous driving, driving bans and alcohol/drugs related offences.

SVS is a Legal 500 firm that defends high net worth individuals and their families. The sensitive nature of these cases means that we deal with these matters as much as possible outside the public eye. If you do find yourself in a position where you have been contacted by police for a voluntary interview or arrested and you need the very best legal advice, our white collar crime department can defend you.

Vulnerable clients

We have experienced members of staff who can deal with anxious clients such as children, clients with challenging behaviours and clients with mental health issues.

Our customer care pledge

Our clientele are of paramount importance. We strive to provide the highest level of service and to exceed our clients’ expectations. We do not just provide updates as and when a case proceeds to the next stage as a lengthy hiatus during the intervening periods can cause anxiety . Therefore, our solicitors and caseworkers are trained to deal with demanding clients and we are always willing to listen to their concerns. Our customer care often leads to clients transferring their cases to us because they require that extra level of attention that we provide.